Our Founder's Story

Skin By K.Lynn LLC has been a genuine dream come true. Our founder Kennedy L. Ross-Williams has been obsessed with skincare all her life. Her analytical, introverted mind was not only interested in the products; she was also intrigued by the science behind them. Like most adolescence, Kennedy’s skin wasn’t always as blemish free as it is today. In her youth she experienced combination skin paired with unruly acne in the T-Zone area. During this period Kennedy would often spend her free time seeking knowledge on all things dermatology. She was the type to buy various skincare products and read every ingredient on the label. Eventually, at the age of 13 Kennedy began concocting her own personal skincare products for fun (such as coffee scrubs & oat moisturizers). Little did she know... Kennedy was embarking on a journey that would soon evolve into a life long passion. At the age of 14 Kennedy completed the OsteoCHAMPS program for aspiring osteopathic doctors on campus at Michigan State University. At 16 years old she studied Sustainable Product Design & the Innovative Ecosystem on campus at Harvard University. At 17 years old she majored in Biochemistry at Eastern Michigan University. At 20 years old Kennedy began an internship at a pharmaceutical/cosmetic company in Troy, Michigan which soon transformed into a full-time salary position as a QualityControl Analytical Chemist. At 21 years old Kennedy Graduated fromEastern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science Degree, and began working on her dream Skin By K.Lynn LLC. As you can see the rest is history… Dreams Do Come True!

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